Analyzer Tool

I am getting this error: "Invalid Merchant Web Services credentials - FBA fees error - Invalid seller registration. While you can still get product data, you might not be able to retrive Amazon fees with this account". What do I do?

You need to setup FBA, please follow the steps from here -

I don't know the format of the CSV file I need to upload.

At ​​, click the "Download example here." link and start from that CSV.

I have uploaded a CSV file, what do I do now?

At ​​ , you will be able to see an entry with the progress of the file processing. Depending on the number of products, this might take a while. When "Percent complete" reaches 100%, you will be able to download the results and possibly the errors

I have some UPCs which I know are valid, but the tool reports them as invalid.

We are relying on Amazon to find the information about the UPC. While Amazon has a big UPC database, it is not complete. Nothing to do if Amazon cannot find your product.

Processing takes too long. Can I speed it up?

Amazon has low throttle limits for the Affiliate API,​.html . First, make sure you have registered and validated the account completely, this increases the limits. If possible, use the credentials for an account that generated revenue.

How long do you keep the data?

We keep the processed files/errors for one month, but you can download them to your computer to store them indefinitely.

I lost my password, help!

Use the forgot password form at

I don't know how to login.

You should have received an email with the login information when you bought the application. If you cannot find it, use ​​ to reset the password. If that does not work, contact ​[email protected]

The sales rank displayed in Amazon is different from what I see in the tool.

The sales rank changes very often. It is probable that it already changed between the moment you uploaded the file and the moment you view the product in Amazon. It is recommended to treat this as an average indicator, not as an absolute value.

The tool is not pulling information from the correct marketplace.

By default, the tool will pull data from the US marketplace. If you need to check another marketplace, go to and fill in the "MWS Marketplace ID" setting with the correct value. A full list of Marketplace IDs can be found at . Note that your MWS account needs to be approved for the marketplace you want to check.

Should I use "per set" or "per item" pricing?

If the products come bundled in a single pack that is sold as-is, use "per set". A good example is a set of 10 crayons. A supplier will never send you the price per crayon, but per set. There are rare cases when Amazon will sell the items as a bundle, but the supplier prices them per item (i.e. perfume sets). In this case you should use "per item".

If you have chosen the wrong option when you uploaded the file, you need to re-upload, select the correct option and process it again.